Local Driving and Durability Testing of the LPG Bi-Fuel in PERU



On January 08~21th, 2019 


For 13 days in PERU, MOTRAIN tested the driving and durability of the LPG Bi-Fuel. The purpose of this test is to check the starting and driving performance on the highland. 

It was conducted on the mountainous areas of 3,000m and 4,200m above sea level, ACCENT and AVANTE vehicles respectively. Through this, MOTRAIN has generated a high level of satisfaction about modification vehicle performance from local HMC agency and has chance to identify additional improvement. Base the on the local visit, MOTRAIN will set up a standard operating procedure for the modification business at the end of February. Furthermore, MOTRAIN will propose a new modification project for countries/regions that need LPG Bi-Fuel System.